Creativity beyond expert level

3 masterpieces

In addition to Kevin's interest in music, he is also a master of creation.
He is the man behind those fascinating and incredible masterpieces in Lego.


Ushuaïa Beach Hotel Ibiza

Visits to Ibiza, 80 photos and one idea was the foundation for this incredibly detailed construction. With over 28.000 pieces of LEGO, it took 135 days to build.

The model of Ushuaïa Beach Hotel is placed in the lobby of the Ushuaïa Tower in Ibiza since 2015.

Sensation Wicked Wonderland

A challenge on high level, but nothing is impossible.
With over 8000 pieces of LEGO, and 80 days of construction, we are talking about a masterpiece.

"- After the Ocean Of White, I wanted people to lose the chin and get goose bumps."

Sensation Ocean Of White

With over 11.000 pieces of LEGO, and 27 construction days, this is probably one of the biggest "WTF" that you ever seen.

The model "Ocean of white" is placed in Sensation headquarter in Amsterdam, since 2009.